What are digital craft cutters?

The digital craft cutter usually looks similar to a printer, but instead of having an ink head it has a small blade which is tough enough to cut through paper, card, vinyl and some fabrics and plastics.

The earliest hobby craft cutters were referred to as Die Cutters – the term die coming from the manufacturing die, rather like a cookie cutter, that could stamp out the same shape over and over. You can still buy die machines and a huge range of dies for them, but I find them rather restrictive.

The latest generation of craft cutters not only enable you to design you own cutting shapes – either by scanning an image into the computer software or using the software to draw your own shapes – but they also have various changeable heads for embossing, etching on glass and even fixing rhinestones.

Perhaps my favourite cutter projects are the birthday cards for the grandchildren when they reach special ages; where I can use just some of the hundreds of photos of them and blend them onto the relevant number shape, which is then cut-out by the machine. Below are just a few of the items I’ve made in the last few years with my Silhouette Cameo.

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